E-Office Solutions boasts a talented team of bookkeeping, technology, and marketing professionals. They pride themselves on attention to detail, over-delivering, and maintaining constant communication with our clients.

With most small businesses, you the business owner take a very active role in the day to day operations. Your expertise is in the field of business your company is in. You are busy finding new sales leads, training employees, handling customer calls, inventory purchasing, and the administration roles. Any time left in the day you try to handle the financial aspects of your business. This is where E-Office Solutions come in. Our expertise is accounting. Outsourcing your accounting needs to us will take away the added stress of running your business. We handle the account receivable, account payables, bank reconciliations, and the financial reporting. We are more than just bookkeepers. Our range of services goes from data entry all the way to the CFO functions. You determine your needs. We have the education and the working knowledge to produce your financials in accordance with G.A.A.P. Give us a call today so we can help you become more productive and transition your business to a whole new level.

Account Receivable / Collections

Let the professionals at E-Office Solutions handle all of your Account Receivable and Collection needs. We specialize in making small and medium sized businesses back-office work more efficiently. E-Office will create and invoice all of your customers. We will also provide reminder calls to the ones who are just beyond your terms, and are aggressive to try to collect the ones who are more than fifteen days beyond terms. Once we have exhausted all efforts to collect, we then will transfer them to a collection agency if you so desire.

Here is a short list of just some of the services we're currently providing for clients:

  • Handle cash and check deposits at the bank
  • Create and mail customer invoices and statements
  • Credit card posting and reconciliation
  • Courtesy calls to customers
  • Set up credit limits
  • Collections
  • Multiple A/R Reports to include
  • A/R Aging Summary/Detail
  • Customer Balance Summary/Detail
  • Average Days to Pay Summary/ Detail

Account Payables Processing

Account Payables Processing Why wouldn’t you let E-Office Solutions deal with your day to day Account Payables? We will receive as well as process your payables only after they are verified and approved for payment. We will help your company’s cash flow by waiting until the last moment “within terms” when creating the check or EFT payment. All data is entered and stored on a secure server that is backed up on a daily basis.

Here is a short list of just some of the services we're currently providing for clients:

  • Create and match purchase orders to invoices
  • Record and pay all vendor invoices upon approval
  • Set up new vendors
  • Record 1099 status
  • Multiple A/P Reports to Include:
  • A/P Aging Summary/Detail
  • Vendor Balance Summary/Detail
  • Unpaid bill detail
  • Open Purchase Orders

Financial/Accounting Reporting

In business today it is essential to receive financial information in a timely manner. This gives the management team ample time to react to the ever changing business world. Our staff has several years of experience in receivables and payables. We also have two degreed accountants and one degreed business management professional to help insure your financials are in accordance with G.A.A.P. We can provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly financials to bank and creditors upon your request.We will provide the essentials and other reports to aide in the decision making process.

Some of our accounting services include:

  • Monthly Accounting Services
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Fixed Asset and Depreciation Reporting
  • Forecasting and Projections
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Profit & Loss to Budget Comparisons
  • Account Receivable and Payables Management
  • Managerial Statistics
  • Job Costing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing More than 70% of adult internet users access some sort of social media on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing in 2014 has become essential in today’s business marketing world. Good Social Media campaigns use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to gain attention and traffic to your business’ website. Our staff can create, manage and monitor your business’ social media accounts as well as move to further your business’ brand recognition.

Here is a short list of just some of the services we're currently providing for clients:

  • Create an account or page on the main Social Media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp etc.)
  • Maintain and manage an existing account or page.
  • Publish content that attracts attention and informs potential customers about any upcoming sales, promotions, events, products, services or just to establish your Brand.
  • Establish another direct line of contact with your current customers as well as new potential customers.
  • Provide Updates on each account’s or page’s progress (Likes, Visits, Shares, Etc.

Search Engine Marketing

By using SEM we elevate the visibility of your business’ website over your competitors. Through Google Adwords and Pay per Click (PPC) we use key words that are specific to your industry, to target your desired customer. Bidding on these key words can put you at the top of the list when someone is using Google search. 85% of Google users never go past the first page of search results so ad position is essential. We analyze and document the search results in a weekly report that we send out to each of our customers.

Here is a short list of just some of the services we're currently providing for clients:

  • Create Search and Display AdWords Campaigns for each of your stores or locations.
  • Create Text and Image ads that direct the customer right to your website.
  • Establish a daily budget for each AdWords campaign.
  • Bid on specific keywords that generate the best results and customers for your business.
  • Maintain and Manage all Ads, Keywords, Interests, Topics, and Audiences for the AdWords Campaigns.
  • Manage Conversion Tracking for each campaign.
  • Create Mobile based campaigns directly targeted at Mobile phone and other device users.
  • Provide Weekly, Monthly, and Annually Reports with each Campaign’s progress.

CFO and Controller Services

CFO and Controller Services At some point your company will need a higher level of accounting and financial professional, but cannot afford a full time CFO or Controller. You will need someone that will give you peace of mind knowing that the financial side of your business is accurate. Some of the CFO and Controller.

Services we provide are:

  • Calculate and record monthly sales tax
  • Calculate and record Tangible Personal Property Tax
  • Handle loan covenant calculations with banks.
  • Budget Preparation and monitoring
  • Participate in Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management and Controls
  • Work with CPA firm on Tax Returns
  • Negotiate and Review loans and leases
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to receive best pricing and coverage
  • Accounting Controls

Payroll & HR Services

Payroll & HR Services Why should you spend valuable time calculating payroll, Federal Taxes, FICA, and Medicare taxes? Filing 940 & 941 IRS Forms. Keeping track of employee time off and producing employee pay checks. We work directly with some of the best third party payroll providers. Let us process your payroll, keep track of your employee time off, setting up drug tests, back ground checks, and DMV checks.

Below are the services we monitor and provide.:

  • Review and record employee hours worked.
  • Process payroll (weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly)
  • Keep track of personal time off (PTO)
  • Schedule drug testing for new hires
  • Division of Motor Vehicle checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Process W-4’s and I-9’s
  • Keep employee files electronically on our secured server
  • Help in creating employee handbooks